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Project Care Bags Updates

February 2014

Hey everyone! February was pretty quiet, but we have been contacting stores, restaurants, and other places to see if we can put donation boxes out! Right now I am working on setting up a Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a. I will post more information soon! Lyn, from SPEAK! is seeing if we can put boxes at a couple other places as well. I will post dates as soon as I find out. 
 Also...we reached 50 likes on our Facebook page!! If you are on Facebook please like us: Even if you aren’t on Facebook please ask friends that are on there to like our page. Updates are posted here on our website every month or if we have some important news, but Facebook is the best way to keep up. There I post pictures, updates, donations, and other things you should know. 
 Don’t forget...if you would like flyers to hand out, if you have questions, or you would like to donate, please contact me! To do that please visit the “Contact Us” page. 

-Caroline K.

January 2014...Happy 1st Birthday Project Care Bags!!!

This month marked 1 year since Project Care Bags started...and I'm talking about the day we started planning, not the day we started advertising and collecting donations. If I were talking about that day I wouldn't be posting this until late March! It took that much time to plan! 
 2013 was a busy year! January-March was spent planning! In late March we started telling people about the project and collecting donations. In March we also held our first fundraiser! We sold Peanut Butter Eggs dipped in chocolate. In May we held a bake sale! We had cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and more! In December we did another Peanut Butter Ball sale for Christmas. All year we have been collecting donations. On December 30th we were finally able to deliver the first bags to DFS!! They were already getting ready to go take some to the youth. This month we received a donation of 16 bags and over 100 toiletries from a lady and her friends! It’s been a busy year and we can’t wait to see what happens next. 

  -Caroline K.
March 2014 

This month we have been working on setting up a Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A! We will be posting a date in early/mid April. 
  We could use some duffle bags! Walmart has great bags for a great price. We have been getting bags from them. 
We now have 53 likes on our Facebook page! Can we get 60 by the end of April? If you have not liked our page yet please visit  
  Please check back soon for a date for our Spirit Night! It will also be posted on our Facebook page. 


April 2014 

Hey everyone! Sorry I’m late! This month we received a large donation of toiletries and sorted through those and the rest of the toiletries. We have a total of almost 400 items! Other than that April wasn’t too busy for us. Pictures from the Spirit Night will be posted soon! 
 I know this is the April update, but it’s late sooo…our Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A was a great success! We had several donations and lots of people came out to support us. One lady brought lots of toiletries and a duffel bag for us too! 
 We are up to 56 likes on our Facebook page! Who will help us reach 60? Please invite your friends to like our page!
 One more thing...Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s in the U.S! 

Hey everyone! 

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done an update! We’ve had a great couple months. In May we were able to present several youth aging out of foster care with duffle bags at a special graduation. In June we took some backpacks and toiletries to a place for men in recovery. They had a fire and lost just about everything. Later in June I also got to spend a day with the SPEAK! Youth. It was a fun day full of games, activities, Bible time, and crafts. That days craft? 
Decorating boxes for Project Care Bags to use for donations! I will have more info on that soon! 

 Facebook Likes - 69! Will you help us reach 70 by sharing our page with your family and friends?? (Go to the home page for a “Follow Us” button!)

It has been a great couple months and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 


July 2014