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About Project Care Bags
  *Project Care Bags started in January 2013 as my Girl Scout Silver Award project. Project Care Bags provides duffle bags to youth moving from one foster home to another or when leaving foster care. If a child does not receive one of these bags they will be packing in garbage bags. **Project Care Bags is being continued by a non-profit organization called Speak For Those Who Cannot Programs Inc. (SPEAK!)

​ This happened to 4 people I know; 3 of them are siblings. Their bags were identified by the number of knots used to tie the bags. You can see pictures of how they packed below. The other girl's situation was worse. She found out last minute that she was being moved to a new foster home. Her foster mother bought her the cheapest garbage bags she could find. The bags were so thin. They ripped so much that her things had to be put in different bags. This is very bad for self esteem, even if the bags don't rip. When they pack in garbage bags they feel like they aren't important enough to have something nice to pack in. They feel like they aren't loved enough to be properly cared for. 

If you would like to help us help these youth please visit the "Get Involved" page.

Interested in learning more about Project Care Bags and how you can help?
​*There are 3 of us that will be able to update this site. I (Caroline) will do a lot of it, but my mom and the lady that runs SPEAK! might do updates too

**To learn more about SPEAK! please visit: