Project Care Bags
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Meet the Team
Caroline K.

Caroline is the girl who started Project Care Bags. She was only 13 when she started this project. It took several months of planning, fundraising, collecting bags, and organizing before she was finally able to deliver the bags to DFS so the bags could be given to youth leaving foster care.
Julie K.

Julie is Caroline's mom. She has helped with fundraising and various other things. She has also driven Caroline all over the place :-)
Lyn B.

Lyn is the lady who runs the non-profit organization that is continuing Project Care Bags. The organization is called SPEAK! For Those Who Cannot Programs Inc. Lyn has helped with promotion, contacting DFS to arrange bag drop-offs, and several other things. 
Speak Youth Collaborative (SYC- pronounced 'Seek')

SYC is a SPEAK! program that gives youth a chance to volunteer and have fun at the same time. SYC has helped by sewing backpacks to include with the duffle bags. Some of the youth also helped with the bake sale we held to raise money for Project Care Bags. 
The Community; In Other Words...YOU!!!

You are a HUGE part of this project! Without you we wouldn't be successful! You have helped by donating to Project Care Bags and even just by looking at this website. Another easy way you can help is sharing this website with your family and friends and asking them to support us too! 
Here I am with my 2 brothers and some friends who are part of SYC. In May 2013 we held a bake sale to raise money for more duffle bags. We sold out!